Customized heavy-duty pallet racks to improve factory space utilization

2022-08-22 18:26

The main purpose of customized storage shelves is to store more goods and improve space utilization. For warehouses with high rents and small areas, the use of storage shelves is very necessary. Let's take a look at how much customization of heavy-duty pallet racks can improve factory space utilization.

Pallet racks are commonly known as beam racks and pallet racks. They are a kind of high racks. The height can be designed to 10 meters, making full use of the warehouse space. The utilization rate of custom-made heavy pallet racks is as high as 95%, and the goods can be picked 100% freely. The layer height can be adjusted freely to meet the pallet height requirements of different goods and make storage more flexible.

The customized load-bearing capacity of heavy-duty pallet racks is designed to be 500-4000KG, which can meet the load-bearing requirements of a variety of cargoes of different weights, and forklifts are required to store and retrieve the cargo. It can not only make full use of the warehouse space, but also meet the storage requirements of different goods such as load-bearing and specifications. It is a commonly used storage rack type for warehouses and workshops. It is widely used in manufacturing, third-party logistics, distribution centers, food, beverage, chemical and other industries.