2022-08-22 18:28

1. Anti-overload: the weight of each layer stored in the product should not exceed the maximum load of the shelf design.

2. Anti-ultra-high and ultra-wide: the height and width of the shelf have been restricted, the size of the card and the goods should be slightly smaller than the 100mm clear space.

3. Anti-conflict: In the operation of the forklift, it should be possible to handle it casually.

4. Anti-heavy top-heavy: It should be done in high-grade light trucks, and the principle of heavy cargo is at the bottom.

5. Prevent the use of non-standard floors (cardboards) on the shelves. The bottom of this river is the most suitable.

6. When goods are placed on the top of the shelf, the operator should try not to directly enter the bottom of the shelf.

7. If the beams and columns of the shelf are found to be severely damaged, the manufacturer should notify to replace them.