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Pallet Rack Mezzanine



1. Pickling before powder coating, make the surface more firmly .
2. Use software to analyze and choose material thickness , maker the structure more safe.
3. Grade 8.8 GEM-YEAR fastener, bolt , nut, make the racking not easy to loose.
4. Raw material choose quality Bao Steel .
5. Hole shape and clipper is special design with engineer

Basic information

Upright section:80*60*1.5/2.0mm,90*65*1.5/2.0mm,100*70*2.0/2.5mm,*95*2.0/2.5mm ect
Box beams section:80*45mm,100*45mm, 120*45mm, 140*45mm,160*45mm,180*45mm etc.
MaterialHigh-quality steel,Q235
FeatureCorrosion protection
Packing DetailsPacked in foam

Pallet Rack Mezzanine

A mezzanine floor system serves as an intermediate floor in a building that does not completely cover the entire flooring below. Haili has a variety of mezzanine flooring solutions to suit businesses all over the world.

Mezzanine rack product features

1. Mezzanine rack is a simple shelf that makes full use of the upper space of the warehouse. Construct an intermediate loft on an existing shelf or work site to increase storage area.

2. The mezzanine floor can generally be placed in light foam and small or medium-sized goods or goods with long storage period, can be lifted by forklifts, conveyor belts, hoists, electric hoists or lifting platforms.

3. In the attic, light trolleys or pallet tractors are generally used.  

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